Randolph Birdnergy Recovery


A Complete Nutritional Support Formula for Sick or Injured Birds. This formula is a specialty rich in bioactive peptides, amino acids and nucleotides from autolyzed yeast extract, Beta-glucan and isolate whey protein. Thus, it provides higher enough of protein for rapidly recover and fix the illness. It support quicky absorb and useful for health improvement.

Brand : Randolph


Randolph Birdnergy Recovery ­­ is a specialty rich in bioactive peptides, amino acids and nucleotides from autolyzed yeast extract and isolate whey protein, which are highly digestible and absorbable protein particles. It helps to health recovery. It nourishes the skin and coat and the health of the reproductive system and autolyzed yeast extract also provide beta-glucan that helps to stimulate the immune system. Beta-glucan stimulates macrophages to eliminate foreign matters, pathogens and cancer cells. Peptides are important substances in the body. Including glutathione helps to fight free radicals or antioxidation and reduce toxins in the body. Medium chain triglycerides (

MCT) is used as a source of energy and protein, which allows efficient use of energy. It will reduce to digestion process of fat without bile acid, micelles and lipase enzyme in small intestine. It does not need to be transferred with a chylomicron, but directly delivered through plasma. Then it can be converted to ketone bodies without accumulating not need to be transferred with a without accumulating as fat in the body.

This allows brise more energy, resulting in faster growth and recovery rates. It also provides phospholipids, an important part of the body’s substances, energy and cell walls. Bacteria and viruses and antioxidant. growth and recovery rates. It also important part of the body's substances, energy and cell walls Moreover, MCT helps fight bacteria and viruses and antioxidant Supplementation of docosahexaenoic acid (DNA) or omega-3 helps to maintain a vital component of eye, neurons, reduce polyunsaturated fats, balances inflammation, antioxidant and promote health. It also contains mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) derived from autolyzed yeast will help develop birds’ intestinal villi. MOS is food for beneficial microorganisms, therefore growth. Supplementing probiotics such as Bacteroides, Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces to help protect the digestive tract from pathogens, improves and absorption of food, resulting in better health and growth.

The energy requirements of sick birds differed between the infected and uninfected groups, acute and chronic groups. The amount and frequency of feeding, in addition to the size of the body. And the expansion of the stomach also depends on the cause of the illness and inflammation. that require 1.5-2 times more energy, the total amount of food given is therefore greater than the above table given when the stomach is empty because of some cause of illness makes digestion and decreased absorption of food and the compression of the pathway worsened Each should provide 2/3 to 3/4 of the capacity or less. and adjust the quantity and appropriate frequency for each person Weigh daily to prevent Weight loss and good recovery

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