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EmerAid Piscivore is a therapeutic diet designed to be used only under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator.

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EmerAid Piscivore®
The first semi-elemental diet designed for the critically ill fish-eater. Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, EmerAid Piscivore provides an easily absorbable and highly digestible blend of purified amino acids, hydrolyzed proteins, stabilized vitamins, dietary nucleotides to provide DNA and RNA precursors, plus simple carbohydrates for energy. Fish oil is added just before feeding so that dietary fat level can be varied from 5% to 35%.

The International Bird Rescue finds EmerAid Piscivore to be an excellent stabilization diet for debilitated sea birds. International Bird Rescue has fed EmerAid Piscivore to hundreds of birds from dozens of species including Charadriiformes (gulls, terms, alcids), Ciconiiformes (egrets, herons), Gaviiformes (loons), Pelecaniformes (pelicans, cormorants), Podicipediformes (grebes), and Procellariformes ( fulmars, shearwaters).

-Available in 100-gram, 400-gram, and 2-kg pouches
-Powder is easily mixed with water to create a formula that can pass through tubes as small as 5-French

EmerAid Piscivore® contains:
-All essential amino acids, making protein more easily absorbable
-Hydrolyzed protein and purified amino acids
-Stabilized vitamins
-Dietary nucleotides to provide DNA and RNA precursors
-Chelated mineral

WARNING: EmerAid has been scientifically designed for extremely high digestibility. Avoid contamination. Handle product carefully. Keep dry. Use a clean, dry scoop. Do not cross contaminate with scoops used with non-EmerAid foods. Contamination can cause harmful bacterial growth.

Tube fed formula is absorbed best when the bird is warm and hydrated. In the adult bird, crop or stomach volume may be estimated as 50 ml/kg. In the debilitated patient or one with a past history of regurgitation, administer one-third to one-half of estimated stomach volume for the first feeding. Increase the volume fed over two to three feedings as long as feedings are well tolerated.

-Formula should ideally be prepared immediately before feeding and no more than 30 minutes before feeding. Reheating is not advised.
-Measure or weigh 3 level large scoop of powder (equivalent to 18.86 grams). Do not pack.
-Mix powder in hot water measuring 122°F (50°C) with fish oil just before feeding.

-Add 90 ml of water per 3 scoops of powder. Add up to 180 ml of water per 3 scoops for dehydrated or weak birds.
-Stir mixture vigorously using a whisk or mixing ball.
Feed thicker diet (90 ml per 3 scoops) three times daily or -diluted diet (180 ml per 3 scoops) six to seven times daily.
-Deliver diet with a species-appropriate feeding tube
-Discard any leftover formula. Make formula fresh for each feeding.
Reduce the volume of EmerAid formula fed as the patient’s appetite for fish and strength improves.
-To avoid waterproofing problems in aquatic birds, feed diet at 5%-15% fat and pay careful attention to water quality.

Product Size
100 g (3.5 oz) pouch
400 g (14 oz) pouch
2 kg (4.4 lb) pouch

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