Brand : Randolph


Birdnergy booster is a developed diet for body energy which has
a variety of nutrients mixed with macronutrients. This is the most
effective energy diet of all, so it is most used in clinical treatment
for recovering sick birds, moreover it can use with fighting cocks
which need high energy diets. It can help the animal's body use
energy efficiently e.g. increasing metabolism, increasing blood
flow to the whole body, and distensibility of blood vessels
which helps to oxygen flows more effectively.It helps to use
oxygen to get energy, the more the body uses oxygen, the
more energy increasing significantly

food properties

It is a food for all types of parrots, herbivorous birds and poultry. It provides energy, minerals and vitamins to help repair damaged parts. Accelerate recovery from illness or complete health make the whole structure strong and muscles and have beautiful hair


Start using food with the growing generation of birds continuously for 6 months to help promote the body. complete and strong before reaching adulthood After that, reduce the amount given by no more than 30% of the total feed or increase in the case of who is sick, poor hair condition or need power High workload during molting, egg laying, and poultry that require extra muscle and strength.

1. high energy Helps in the development of muscles and strength Provide Balanced Energy

2. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and various essential fatty acids help promote development Intelligence, health of skin and fur. Provide beautiful skin and haircoat. Provoke intelligence.

3. Calcium and phosphorus promote Bone Strength | Provide Strong Musculoskeletal System

4. Probiotics help in digestion and absorption of food, stimulating growth. boost immunity and prevent disease in the gastrointestinal tract Provide healthy gastrointestinal system

5. Complete vitamins and minerals without additional supplements | Provide good sources of vitamins and minerals

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