Randolph bunny senior


Suitable for adult rabbit aged 4 years old up. This type is useful for prevent and treatment of Gastrointestinal Hypomotility syndrome due to poor nutrition and low fiber diets.


Brand : Randolph


Bunny senior key features:
- Food for better health in senior rabbits with ant-aging supplements
- Antioxidants - Anti-tumors substances
- Inciease-level of reduced glutathione for healthy liver
- Healthy musculoskeletal system - Healthy coat and skin
- Suitable dietary fibers - Vitamins and minerals provided
- Probiotic provided
- Milk thistle and Ginkgo extract substances such as Symalin. Sylibinin, Flavonolignans,
Ginkolide and Biobalides
- Support to balance th pH range and natural microbes in gastrointestinal tract,
so it helps to reduce risk of Enteritis which is able to affect rabbit’s body because
of excessive acid.
- Enable Cellulose and silica from barks to help natural worn-down teeth

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