Randolph herbal tx milk thistle


Flavobionoids, Sylimarin, and Sylibinin extracted from Saint's Mary Milk Thristle. The extrated improve overall health, especially liver and kidney function. It aslo improve the reproductive system. Several types of Herb Extract and Supplements are meticulous selected for promote the overall health of animals. It is made for herbivores with high fibers.

Brand : Randolph


  • Sylimarin, Silibinin, and Bioflovonoids
    - Support liver and kidney
    - Recovering abnormality of reproductive
    - Recovering diabetes
    - Skin recovering from toxic substauces
    - Inflammation relief and antioxidants

Feeding Directions: Six pieces per kilogram of body weight

Storage: Randolph Herbal Tx saint mary’s thistle supplement should be kept dry without light and stored in the room temperature.

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